In the beginning.
Give me a pencil and a nice set of pens and I'll draw you the world. I loved to draw action characters and technical illustrations. Drawing everything I saw in perspective, and blue printing things for friends, naturally lead me towards computers and the mathematical art they could create.
The Print Years.
Working with great companies like Day Runner, Dayton Walker Design (now, and C.R. Laurence, I learned how to adapt my illustration skills to a computer. I also learned about layout and design for the commercial arts. However, print lacked the interactivity and ability to utilize animations that I found to be fun. C.R. Laurence let me explore my options by allowing me to play with their non-linear editing system along with create 3D images for their catalogs, while Day Runner let me try my hand at project management.
Langley Productions / Real Entertainment.
I was hired by Real Entertainment after a five minute phone call; they were looking for someone with layout skills who also understood video. They asked if I had ever worked on the Net? I told them I had converted some print images to jpeg's. This was pretty much day one for the Net as we know it. They had me creating sites for all of their videos: Jerry Springer, Cops, Xena, and a few others that no one has ever heard of. While I worked with them they also let me further explore digital video. Real Entertainment even asked me to be their assistant editor on one of their videos. Creating numerous corporate identities, along with mastering web design skills and learning to write HTML by hand, made for a great experience. Working with them was enjoyable until they decided to move from their laid-back offices in Santa Monica over the hill to a remodeled bank in Woodland Hills. I left them and tried to open my own company named Addison's Imagination.
Black Sheep, Inc.
While soliciting my services to friends and family I got a call from my old boss at Real Entertainment, he had also left the offices to create his own New Media team. He asked if I would consider working for him again. We had a good run, at first building smaller sites for production companies, then large portal sites. The end of the road came again for me when we came full circle and returned to the Santa Monica offices to work on some of our original sites: COPS.COM and CRIME.COM, now owned by John Langley. After building CRIME.COM and spending a year and a half keeping it updated and looking great I decided I didn't want to work solely on two sites for the rest of my professional career.
GoBig Design.
Still in good standing with Black Sheep Inc., I came to the conclusion that they would make a GREAT first client. Now I can create the company I've wanted to build for years. Only I thought I would give it a new name, "GoBig Design".