I was born, and now I live. Someday I will die and become dandelion fertilizer.

I have been painting helmets seriously for about a year now, pretending to harbor a minuscule amount of talent. Millions have been led astray by my cunning pretenses, and somehow I manage to do well in school. I am a Senior at the University of Southern California learning all about the things I'll instantly forget once I put down my pencil after finals. My majors are Business Administration and International Relations. The best lesson I learned was not to leave feeder fish for the piranhas inside the fridge over Christmas break, because when you get back, Murphy's Law dictates that the power will have gone out while you were drinking eggnog and the smell is something you do not want to know about.

My passion is motorcycles, and one day I realized that I could make a living decorating brain buckets like so many candy canes. It's a real treat to see your work out there on the road, even if bits and pieces sometimes get eaten by the tarmac and buried in car bumpers. My mission is to share this passion for airbrush art and motorcycles with my fellow riders and racers the world over, and tear up the asphalt (and my arm, and my leg, and my face, and my hand and my...) at the racetrack on my bikes.

So let me share this passion with you, and let me create the helmet of your dreams!