Ilan Laks
Lawrence Gallery
9507 Santa Monica Blvd. #310
(Corner of Rodeo Drive)
Beverly Hills, CA
Saturday June 19, 1999 4-8 p.m.


California painter Ilan Laks will present a special one person exhibition featuring oil paintings spanning his explorations to date with a focus on recent work.

Laks' images are deceptively direct at first look. Color, line, pattern, and paint texture are each used equally to sculpt figures and their milieu on the surface of the canvas. The shapes are bold and communicative, even iconographic. The symbolism is clear; poetic and psychologically charged colors and objects propel the unfolding narrative.

All of these factors make the work totemic and graphically memorable, but a closer inspection reveals a deep spiritual character, and brave artistic practices. Laks cultivates spontaneity, emotion, and humor through his process. A color field is worked for texture and nuance, until finally a painting emerges of its own volition from the literal and figurative mist.

The exhibition will be on view for three days only - June 18, 19, and 20 with an opening on the afternoon of the 19th.