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Intuitive Training takes students outside the confines of the rational mind. It teaches trust and self-acceptance by developing one's innate capacity to know. Outmoded behavior patterns and beliefs are gently dismantled, resulting in a more integrated experience of life. This class teaches students how to uncover and celebrate the boundless wisdom they possess.
Intuitive Training liberates perceptions, builds confidence and can dislodge the barriers that keep us isolated from one another. When personal truth is unveiled students connect in unparalleled and lasting ways. The class is full of hearty laughter and heartfelt tears.

Techniques include:

•   Meditation

•   Guided imagery

•   Gestalt therapy

•   Symbols and images as language

•   Past life recall

No two classes are alike. I tailor each moment to the needs and abilities of the students.

Poet Delma Johnson describes her experience of a Women's Training in Yakima Washington.


It's time for our Goddess Weekend once again
Confirming advanced reservations for our journey within.
We put away chores, cooking and sewing
Calling 'time out' for growing and glowing
with our inner knowing

We giggle and snicker like little girls
having fun in the sun in our angelic worlds
letting go of self-doubt
singing and dancing and prancing about

Our intuitive gifts are cheerfully shared
freely admitting when we are scared.
Hugging and holding - kindred spirits unfolding
We celebrate and stay up late
feasting on tea and coffee and cake

Tarot cards, our most recent new toy
brings us new insights and tears of joy.
Our less'ns and bless'ns filled with pros and cons
revealing life's teaching as neither right nor wrong

Transforming our beliefs from 'should' to 'could'
Releasing unwanted 'stuff' to its greatest good
Enjoying the camaraderie of our Sisterhood.