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An Intuitive Reading is a powerful healing session. It provides insights into whatever process of change clients are experiencing. It extends a broader vision of life's journey, while supporting the ability to move into patterns of health and well-being. Clients leave feeling more positive about themselves and at peace in their understanding.

I receive referrals from individuals in the following professions who find my services valuable when they or their clients feel stuck in their development:

•  Artists

•  Chiropractors

•  Mental Health professionals

•  Massage Therapists

•  Naturopaths

•  Writing Teachers

Marti MacEwan M.A. Counseling Therapist Seattle, Washington
"I have referred clients to Karen with very positive results. My clients have been consistently helped by her insights. Her style is very respectful of an individual's autonomy and choices. She does not use advice-giving or authoritarian interpretations that might rob clients of their personal power. Karen is extremely sensitive and empathetic. Her gifts have accelerated the work I have done with my clients and her vision and feedback have helped me in my personal life."

Jeff Berger, MD Portland, Oregon
"I am a psychiatrist in private practice in Portland, Oregon. I see clients whose therapies include medicines and those who are called on more spiritual or transpersonal paths.

When Karen asked me to write a letter of reference for her, I must admit that I was a bit intimidated by the task. Rarely have I been so personally touched by someone who was offering their mastery to help me. Her style is unequaled and exquisite. Karen's capacity to open herself and 'see' is matched by her ability to communicate her visions. One feels - many of the people I have referred to her can testify to this - an extraordinary sense of being recognized, being guided and being cared for.

Her particular skills are less related to simple mundane psychic abilities and more to emotional and spiritual guidance. As with any exceptional therapist, one feels a combination of appreciation and awe when working with Karen, a little disbelief at her artistry and an abiding sense of connectedness.

The sessions themselves, not just the information she imparts, can be transformative. They can certainly shed light on difficult and complex issues. I would recommend her to people who want to delve deep below the surface of themselves and I would especially recommend her to other professionals.