About Us

NOTfilms is an online film channel dedicated to featuring movies made for the love of the art, NOT just films that have big production values and recognizable actors (but we'll take them too). We want to show the stuff that friends make with friends, the stuff that is NOT necessarily bound by schedules and budgets, and the stuff that is just plain fun to watch and make.

NOTfilms is also a distributor to help independent filmmakers get the exposure they deserve, and to push their films into other venues like, oh what are they called again? Oh yeah, theater and television.

Graham Dodge

Clayton Graul

NOTfilms is the idea spawned by the collaboration of designer Clayton Graul and writer Graham Dodge. Graham and Clay have teamed up with Black Sheep New Media to be their management company. Black Sheep's portfolio includes many successful websites and online campaigns for: Jerry Springer, Xena, COPS, Playboy, Universal and Fox Studios, among many more. If you have any questions, or complaints please contact us.