"THE ALLEY" - 1998

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Directed by: Calixto Hakim
Location: San Francisco, CA
Produced By: Calixto Hakim
Starring: Henrique Seabra and Juliano Araujo
Story Line:
A rumble in an alley.
This is all in one shot, no cuts.
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"THE B.J.'S" - 1998

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Directed by: Graham Dodge and Michael Roemer
Location: Hollywood, CA
Camera: April Dodge
Written by: improvised
Starring: John Roberts as the Mole, Phillip MacIvor as the Fro, Michael Roemer as Number Two,
Graham Dodge as the Toolbox, Clayton Graul as the King Pin, Ryan Schossow as the Mute,
Jeremy Pevar as the Driver, and April Dodge as 'A'
Story Line:
The B.J.'s are an elite group of spy agents sent to find a missing disk, but their mission becomes impossible when they discover an inside mole.
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Directed by: Joe Leone & Michael Roemer
Location: Cockeysville and Towson, MD
Camera: Matt Roemer
Produced by: RSR Films
Written by: improvised
Starring: Joe Leone, Graham Dodge, Michael Roemer, Matt Roemer, and Dave Walman
Story Line:
A famous porn star gets in trouble with the mob and is put under the supervision of the "Witness Protection Program".
Notes: There are some odd screaming noises that occur in the garage scenes that we did not hear during the filming of the movie. Did we have a ghostly encounter? You be the judge!
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