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Directed by: Calixto Hakim
Location: Matinhos, Brazil
Camera: Jacob Solitrenick
Written by: Calixto Hakim
Music by: Juan Colomer
Produced by: Kathrin Beck and Marcio Lemos
Starring: Herson Capri and Philip Lester
Story Line:
An American journalist gets caught in a web of corruption during New Year's in Brazil.
Notes: This film got shut down by local police because they didn't like the subject matter. WINNER: Gold Medal - Awards Fest Houston, Bronze Plate - Columbus Film Festival, Award of Excellence - Temecula Film Festival, Audience Award - Algarve Portugal Film Festival, and Jury Award - Huy Film Festival in Belgium.
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"ESTETYKA" - 1999

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Directed by: Joao Machado
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Camera: Jonah Torreano
Written by: Joao Machado
Edited by: Joao Machado and Yumiko Yamada
Produced by: Joao Machado
Music by: APM
Starring: Salvatore Froio, Harlee Moccia, and Egon Kafka
Story Line:
Sal, a lonely limousine driver meets Shirley, a disenchanted woman who desperately needs to get across the country to pay for the bail of her delinquent child.
Having no money, Shirley is forced to sell her body in the frequent truck stops and gas stations she finds on the way. Using the limousine as a traveling whorehouse.
Trouble ensues when they encounter a depraved cowboy.
Notes: Conceived, Shot, and Edited in 1 month for $2,000.

"MY WAY" - 1995

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Directed by: Joe Leone & Michael Roemer
Location: Towson, MD
Camera: Matt Roemer
Produced by: RSR Films
Written by: improvised
Starring: Jerry Pierson, Michael Roemer, Joe Leone, Graham Dodge, and Matt Roemer
Story Line:
A good cop gone bad (Jerry Pierson) tries to right his wrongs by taking the advice of his life partner (Michael Roemer) to foil the plans of some would-be grave diggers.
Notes: This is the debut film for indie film actor Jerry Pierson!
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