"FAN WARS" - 1999

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Written and Directed by: Josh Rubinstein
Location:Vally Forge, King of Prussia, Glenolden, PA
Special 3d and Visual Effects: Jeff Kleist and James Panetta
Editing By: Josh Rubinstein
Starring: Chris Ryons, Victor Kennedy, Ted Kim, Travis Malseed, Chris Truax, Jeff Kleist, Stefan Roman
Co-Starring: Heather Micheal, Jack Fitzgerald, Lufte Rotley, Jacob Rubinstein, Gregor Van Derkam, Pat Pearson, Jimmy Panetta, Dave Hansch
Voice Actors: Josh Rubinstein, Jeff Kleist, James Panetta, Stefan Roman, Lauren Reily
Story Line:
It's opening day for the Phantom Menace, The evil fan has plans to buy all the tickets.
The theater manager is concerned with opening early to avoid any problems.
It's up to two Knightly fans to save the day!


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Directed by: D. Bruce Mitchell
Location: Harford, MD
Special Effects: Chris Bare
Edited By: Chris Bare
Starring: D. Bruce Mitchell as Nick Ace, Chris Bare as the Dwarf Broad
Story Line:
When the Dwarf Broad has her legs stolen, she uses her magic telepathy to get Nick Ace on the job.
Notes: The original footage for this was shot back in 1985 using only the camera for on-the-fly editing, but then Chris went back and re-edited it with new special effects in 1997.
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