Pumping up the West Coast Shootout Series!

As an incentive for the shootout racers on the West Coast who race or will be racing in the shootout class, we will be giving out 2 t-shirts at every west coast race to each entry until the end of the season. SCHNITZ RACING has once again stepped up to show there support and enthusiasm for the West Coast Shootout Class. Dave Schnitz has contributed half the amount for the design and purchase of the t-shirts that will be given to the racers at the remaining events. The average shootout bike count is about 4-5 bikes at the west coast events and we are hoping to get this class pumped up. This is just a little something to give back to the guys who are stepping up and going for it! Nxt Level Racing and Schnitz Racing are behind you all the way !!!!

If you're a racer thinking about entering and have questions...feel free to give us a call or stop by our trailer at the track we will be more than happy to talk to you and point you in the right direction. Talk to the guys who are racing in the class...they are great group of people who enjoy helping others get involved!

Nxt Level Racing

BIKE NUMBER RIDER 03.10 04.08 05.26 06.16 07.28 08.18 09.15 10.13 11.17 BONUS TOTAL
7036 Noonan 88 88 108 78             362
7255 Laye   109 49 99           20 277
1 Herrera 109   66               175
755 Smith   46 47               93
7029 Burrows 67                   67
754 Sprout 67                   67
7001 Bodge 46                   46
702 Aldrich 45                   45
759 Bortz       56             56
7202 Lantz     45 57             102
July 28 [Saturday] Northern Challenge Sonoma , CA - Sears Point Int. Raceway
August 18 [Saturday] 21st Annual Fox Hunt Palmdale, CA - Los Angeles County Raceway
September 15 [Saturday] National Open Tucson, AZ - Southwestern Int. Raceway
October 13 [Saturday] High Roller National Open Las Vegas, NV - LasVegas Motor Speedway
November 17 [Saturday] NMRA West Coast Finals Palmdale, CA - Los Angeles County Raceway

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