Boost Compensated Lock Up Clutch

Using boost pressure to apply pressure to the pressure plate instead of arms and weights like conventional lock ups that are basically governed by rpm.

This lock up can use boost pressure or an alternate air supply for its source. Also a regulator and flow control valve can be used to transition the lock up into a smooth more controlled action or to completely eliminate the lockup action if you want to.

This unit is available exclusively thru NLR and requires some cores in exchange. It is necessary that the stock lock up mechanism is eliminated.
With cores
Without cores

MTC 2 Stage Lock Up

These new two stage lockups feature new technology, very lightweight design, with new features only available through MTC Engineering. The primary spring loads are adjusted by means of adding or subtracting .025-.050 thick special spacers supplied with the unit.

No more will you have to select different springs to change primary stage clutch pressure. The Suzuki units incorporate within the lockup body the stock spring spacers. These new units are C.N.C. machined assuring uniformity.

To provide repeatability on the track we install hardened buttons in your pressure plate (may be purchased without the buttons installed) except with the GSXR model.

MTC Multi Stage Lock Up

For the Hayabusa

Each arm represents one stage of lock-up adjustment. Arms are controlled by stall spring, thus allowing the mechanic flexibility in determing the RPM each finger will start applying clutch pressure. In addition, an arm can be ajusted to release clutch pressure at maximum rated torque your engine produces, thus keeping your motor at maximum efficiency with each gear change. All multi stage lock up clutches and components are covered under US patents


MTC Inner Billet Clutch Hub

For the Hayabusa

Designed to eliminate the stock lock up unit.


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