Multi-Stage Electronic Boost Controller
The MSBC-1 has the following features: *Six stage programmable boost control. *Useful for street or drag applications. *0-60 psi target boost range for each stage(1 psi increment) *9 different ramp settings to control how fast boost builds. *Launch stage for drag racing. *Shift input for automatic stage selection for drag racing. *Front panel stage selection by driver. *Actual boost readout during boost control. *2 Analog data recorder outputs-Actual, and target level. *2 solenoid drive outputs-One for an increase boost output and the other for decrease boost output. *Can be used with single or dual port wastegates. *Uses electronic pressure sensor to monitor and control boost. *Will force wastegate to produce preset target boost level even with air density, load, or mechanical variations. *Can be used with manifold pressure only or external pressure source for control.

Multi-Stage Electronic Boost Controller

With Air Bottle, Tubing, and Fittings

Multi-Stage Mechanical Boost Controller

Custom built controllers for dual port wastegates. Available in 3 or 4 stages ***2 stage units available by custom order***

gear based activation(shift counter needed) adjustable boost level in each stage adjustable ramp rate in each stage

Auxillary air source and shift counter

Test Gauge, Tubing and Fittings

4 stage = $425.00
3 stage = $400.00

Digital Nitrous Oxide Controller DNOC-1

The DNOC-1 Digital Nitrous Oxide Controller was designed to provide a cost effective, flexible means for the performance vehicle owner to manage a single progressive stage of Nitrous Oxide. The DNOC-1 provides a programmable delay time then a programmable ramp time to allow the user to control when nitrous injection starts and how fast it comes in. The percent of fuel can also be programmed.

The DNOC-1 also provides a HOLD feature that allows the unit to "pause and resume" its operation based on inputs from a W.O.T. and/or clutch switch.

In order to allow the DNOC-1 to operate with a variety of industry standard nitrous kits, the DNOC-1 offers adjustable solenoid operating frequency and can accommodate Nitrous solenoids up to 26 amps and fuel solenoids to 3.5 amps.

The DNOC-1 has the following features:
• Programmable 0 - 9.99 second delay timer.
• Programmable 0 - 9.99 second ramp timer.
• Programmable beginning / ending Nitrous level. 1 to 99% or 99% to 1.
• 1% increments.
• Programmable Fuel level (percentage of nitrous). 0 to 99%, in 5% increments.
• HOLD function designed for operation with W.O.T and clutch input applications.
• Designed to operate with standard nitrous oxide solenoids and plumbing.
• Trigger input automatically initiates racer-programmed sequence.
• System enable input provides arming feature.
• Built-in Fuel solenoid over current monitor feature.
• Compact size, ideal for motorcycle applications.


TurboXS Boost Controller

The precise boost you want. The ball and spring keeps pressure out of the wastegate until the preset level is reached, reducing wastegate creep and providing quicker spool up. Boost is adjusted with the simple turn of a screw using the included tool.

Kit includes:
• High performance boost controller
• 6mm hose
• Bracket
• 12mm hose clamps
• 2mm hex key


TurboXS Dual Stage Boost Controller

This Dual stage Boost controller gives you the ability to switch between 2 preset boost levels at anytime (even under full boost) The boost controller is installed inline with the pressure hose running from the pressure side of the turbo to the wastgate actuator system. A switch is mounted in a location where you determine. To change to a higher boost level just flip the switch. The switch is lit when on high boost. This unit is also available with the ball and spring mechanism for an additional cost.

Kit includes:
• Dual stage boost controller
• Electrical plug and wire loom
• 6mm hose
• Control switch
• Installation instructions


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