These Turbochargers are a must for those who want the upper hand when it comes to performance on or off the track.

Faster spool up time, increased flow, higher fill rate and less back pressure put you at the NXT LEVEL !!

If your looking for a standard turbo unit itself let us know we can supply almost any turbo out there!

Features of Competition Turbos are as follows

1. Blades on compressor wheel are sharpened, lightened and trimmed making faster spool up and higher fill rate!

2. Compressor housing on inlet side is machined, This aids in compressor breathing!

3. Big wastegate valve is installed and wastegate hole is ported, this eliminates boost creep at high rpms!

4. Blades on exhaust wheel are angle cut, lightened, sharpened, and trimmed, helping with faster spool up and less backpressure due to increase in flow.

What does all this mean to you?
A gain of 10%-15% in horsepower and a wickedly fast spool up time/rate makes this a must for the serious competitor!

We have access to just about any turbocharger in the world, Triple K, Garrett, Mitsubishi, Holset, and Schwitzer...just to name a few.

From stock turbochargers to an all out race turbo. We can set you up with what you need. Want more power??? We offer bolt on upgrade turbos for the mcxpress kits as well as a competition prep service that can be done on any turbocharger.

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