Building a shootout bike? You better have a good working rear
shock or youll be spinning and bouncing down the track!

NLR is a dealer for Ohlins and can have a custom shock made for you. Specifically set up for a shootout bike! Everybody knows how important suspension is.... You can make all the power in the world but if you cant get it to the track it wont do ya any good! Dont skip the most important part of setting up a bike to go fast....the suspension. We can also lower the front forks internally as well as lower the rear by shortening your shock. Most anything can be done..and all work is performed by our suspension guys...PPS.
Ohlins Shootout Shock

Custom valved Ohlins specifically set up for the strip.
Available for most bikes.


Custom Valved Stock Shocks

Only $200.00 and a core in excellent condition!

Rear end packages, arm and shock combo.

Arm and Ohlins shootout shock
from $1700.00

Arm and stock shock revalved
from $975.00 (with core in excellent condition)

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