We can get you set up with any combination you need. Beadlocks are available for any rear rim! Stock or aftermarket as long as its aluminum! Beadlock rims are available in 6 1/4" thru 7 7/8".

Aftermarket wheels are available in polished or chrome. Hi Point wheels are available in chrome, anodized gold, anodized black, or silver.

All wheels available with or without cush drive( w/cush is extra)

Anodized gold and black.
Wheels and all accessories are cnc machined.


Hi Point Forged wheels. Billet cnc machined cush drive about work of art!

Wheels and all accessories are cnc machined.


Marvic Magnesium Wheels

Marvic Magnesium Wheels Light weight magnesium wheels for closed course competition. Marvic wheels are used by top teams in AMA roadracing, as well as GP racing. Wheels are stocked in popular widths. Special orders can be accomodated. Wheels are fininshed in either a Black or White Powder Coat. Some wheels are available in a gold chromate finish for painting by the end user. Wheels are stocked with a 3.5" rim width (front) and 6" rim width rear as standard. Other widths are available.

Wheels are supplied with necessary adapters and cush drive. Valve stems are included. The front stem is a 90 degree model on most applications.

PERFORMANCE - We have documented improvement in both ET and MPH in drag race applications. For a Hayabusa, one can expect to see your ET drop by 0.15 sec. MPH should increase by 2mph. This is the equivelant to about 3HP more in the motor.

STRENGTH - Marvic wheels are amoung the toughest on the Market. Our current record for the highest HP bike using Marvic wheels is 580hp. We are looking for more.

WARRENTY - All Marvic wheels purchased are warrentied to be free from manufacturing defects for 1 year.

Insert Picture is a Penta 2 in Chrome Illusion paint. This paint is a gold color in direct sunlight with strong burgundy tones in artificial light. The color also changes hue as the time of day changes


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